Rui Su

Rui studies planning issues in the global South in the Master in Urban Planning program at the GSD. She is interested in housing and informality through the lens of equity, justice, and power relations. Before coming to the GSD, she worked as a tenant advocate and organizer at the Legal Aid Society in Queens, New York, mobilizing low-income tenants in neighborhoods at risk of gentrification in order to demand safer housing conditions and take collective legal actions against landlords. Additionally, she has conducted research on middle-class politics in Mumbai, within the context of urbanization and liberalization in India. Her undergraduate studies focused broadly on gender, race, and class in the United States.

At the GSD, she has been developing her interest in global commodity chains, financialization, and logistics, with a more critical understanding of urban governance and political institutions in the global South. Outside of the classroom, she devotes her time to promoting equity at the GSD and carrying out community development projects in Greater Boston.

Rui grew up in and with Shenzhen, China. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology with distinction from Carleton College, Minnesota.

Rui lost in reflections.