Taylor Davey

Taylor Davey studies urban environmental governance and environmental development paradigms at the urban and global scale. Her interests are in the shifting spaces and scales of politics brought on by late 20th century and contemporary economic and ecological transitions and the co-constitutive transformations of urban governance. This research also looks at the history and role of urban social movements in a politicized project of environmental sustainability and justice.

Taylor’s past work includes research on Medellín, Colombia and the dissemination of its Social Urbanism program across local and international media, as well as the construction of a new urban political imaginary by symbolic architecture. By situating new urban projects in relation to both suggested social justice priorities and discernable economic objectives, the research theorized on the role of architecture and urban design as narrative spaces that supported the subsumption of local planning practices within global ‘best practice’ discourses, deradicalizing early social development goals and suppressing participation of local communities in planning practices.

Taylor holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Waterloo, where she has also worked as a lecturer. She has worked as an editorial intern at Log Journal and The Architectural Review. Taylor was the recipient of the SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Graduate Scholarship for her Masters research, for which she was also awarded the OAA Guild Medal. In 2015, Taylor’s research was exhibited at the MaterWorks exhibition at Cambridge Galleries. She has also presented her work at conferences including the American Association of Geographers conference and published part of her thesis research in MIT’s journal Thresholds.

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Taylor Davey with her dog in a park in Toronto, ON.