Logistics as Logic

Ghazal Jafari

Through the lens of logistics, this project explores the emerging territories of power at the turn of the 21th century as the previous structures—whether political, ideological, or spatial—gradually give way to processes and organization. Through a series of field research, visual documentation, and deep historical reading, the project investigates the routine and invisible codes, protocols, and apparatuses that write the logistics hybrid infrastructure, and organize space as a logistical technique. Observing the growing transformations in the ways by which we sense time, environment, and life, through movement, communication, and exchange, this research creates a dialectic between the formation of environmental knowledge, that is essentially a cultural and philosophical question, to the political and geographic concerns of the future planetary urbanization.

Planned outcome:  doctoral dissertation, Harvard GSD

The Making of Infrastructural Landscape: Expansion of Panama Canal. Credit: Panama Canal official website
Synchronizing the World of Commerce: UPS Worldport, Louisville, KY, 2015. Credit: Ghazal Jafari
Winter Geographies: Kraft’s subterranean “cheese” cave, Springfield, Missouri
Arranging for the Battle, Napoleonic cartography, 1809. Credit: www.napoleon-series.org
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